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Can I Tell You Something:

Words of Hope and Encouragement for the Modern Day Leper

Selected articles from "Into the Light" from 1997 to the present.

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"I started reading and marking pages when I read something I liked or could relate to. By the time I got to page 30, I noticed I had written on just about every page. I decided to put the pen down because the whole book said something to me."

Into the Light – Archive

A newsletter for those with sex-related offenses or those seeking to help bring them to change.

Wellspring - Archive

A newsletter for those with unwanted same-gender attractions seeking support.Discontinued Feb 2013.
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Bob's Booklets

This booklet was originally published by Regeneration Books (now closed) under the title of "Help for Those Attracted to Children." The publisher wanted the title to be self-explanatory but though it served that purpose, it also frightened people a bit.

Autobiographical in some sections, the booklet does not attempt to cover every issue faced by those who deal with this issue or seek to help those who do. But it is a reasonable resource.

NOTE: The Discussion Edition includes discussion options for small group participation. It is best to print this document (landscape and back-to-back) for reading purposes.

Since I first started speaking publicly on the issue of those who molest and of ways to bring change and healing, I have noticed that most churches won't even discuss the matter, though many have established policies to protect their congregations--especially the children.

But the reality is that those with sex-related offenses are indeed the modern day lepers, most unable to find housing, employment, or spiritual nurturing. This booklet is meant to serve as a discussion piece for those willing to take a chance. It is best to print this document (landscape and back-to-back) for reading purposes.

This is the first booklet I wrote for Regeneration Books as a way to serve those in prison who struggled with unwanted same-sex attractions. Many have written me over the years with questions as to how to deal with their sexuality (heterosexual or homosexual) in a prison environment. The booklet address some of those issues.It is best to print this document (landscape and back-to-back) for reading purposes.

Following "Prison & Homosexuality" Regeneration Books requested a booklet for those in confinement with sex-related charges. "Darkness Now Light" (1995) was my response to that request. For best reading, print the booklet (landscape and back-to-back)